Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Simply Sparkles & 3D Guinness Cake

Last weekend was the wedding of the beautiful Yemi & Justin at The Castlefield Rooms in Manchester.

During the planning of their wedding, Justin, who is Irish, was intent on finding someone who could create him a large 3D pint of Guinness made entirely from cake, red velvet cake to be specific.

I was so excited and so completely nervous to create this cake along with their gorgeous Simply Sparkles cake, complete with handmade Yemi & Justin cake topper all made in their wedding day colours of chocolate brown and gold.

I loved the enthusiasm Yemi & Justin had when it came to their cakes, packed full of personality and really unique!

The delivery of the Guinness cake was beyond stressful, it stood 16 inches tall (it was only supposed to be a foot tall but the groom decided to make it even bigger two weeks before the big day!) and of course due to the shape, was considerably top heavy. We held up a LOT of traffic that day going 10 miles an hour but it got there in one piece and looked amazing set up in the stunning Brindley Room.

I took step by step pictures of the making of the Guinness cake so will complete another blog post separately to demonstrate the transformation!

I can't wait to see some pictures of Yemi & Justin cutting into their cakes. As for the Guinness cake, hopefully it will be a long time before I have to create another pint glass cake!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Masquerade Ball Cake!

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to create a Masquerade Ball themed cake for a florists gorgeous Autumn/Winter window display. Bored of the usual oranges and brown seen in window displays during Autumn, Victoria from Lancashire Floristry www.lancashirefloristry.co.uk decided on a decadent and colourful masquerade ball theme incorporating a lovely rich colour scheme of black, turquoise, deep purple, silver and plum.

So I set about creating something that would hopefully fit in perfectly!
 This cake involved four tiers with the following decoration; a 12" tier covered in turquoise sugar ruffles, airbrushed with metallic turquoise paint with a row of sugar ribbon roses round the top; a 10" tier covered with diamond cut-outs, airbrushed with metallic purple paint; an extra deep 8" tier covered with bright pink sugarpaste with a diagonal cascade of brightly coloured sugar ribbon roses and finally a 6" top tier covered in purple fabric billow weave, also airbrushed with metallic purple paint.

On top of the cake sat a handmade masquerade ball mask, made from edible pastillage and hand-decorated using airbrush paints, hand-piping and edible glitter.

Although this cake took a lot of time to create, I was really pleased with the final effect, especially once it was in place in the window display alongside Victoria's floral creations. Apparently the display is already attracting a lot of attention from customers and passers-by so job done!

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