Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Oh The Romance!

So yesterday was a really loooong day making lots of lovely romantic cupcakes for Valentines Day orders. 

In one day I baked, iced, decorated, boxed and wrapped 132 cupcakes and one chocolate and marshmallow cake and I'll be doing it all again today!
 Each box contains two personalised love hearts with wings, two red lustred hearts and two red glitter hearts.

Who says romance is dead?

Well, best get back to the kitchen, here we go again......


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentines week begins.....

A few weeks ago I posted pics of my Valentines Day cupcakes and Valentines Chocolate Cake designs and since then the orders have been rolling in starting with the first which was collected today and is currently winging its way to Manchester Airport to be taken to Thailand of all places!

I can't wait to make all of the orders up, starting tomorrow I'll be making hundreds of hearts and the best bit will be seeing them all decorated, boxed and wrapped ready to be delivered Wednesday & Thursday.

I promise to post some pics but until then here's the first box, currently on it's way to warmer shores!

Who doesn't need a pantry?!

For the last 7 years, our under the stairs cupboard has had wonky stone steps, an uneven floor, no lighting, uneven hole-ridden walls with flaking plaster, and random pipes and cables hanging all over it!                         Hence it has always been used as a bit of a dumping ground, you know the kind of cupboard where you open the door, chuck stuff in without looking and close the door as quickly as possible. Don't judge me, there's an area like this in every house!

However, last week our lovely builder Peter turned up to transform this area into my new walk in cupboard off the kitchen, to be otherwise known as my gorgeous new pantry.

As it was finished on Friday, I nipped over to Ikea to buy metal shelving (recommended by Env Hlth), plastic storage containers and a selection of hooks etc. Saturday was then spent painting the pantry and Sunday was then spent assembling & putting up shelves and then, the best bit, moving in!

As Valentines Day week brings a lot of orders, I'm soooo pleased to have this ready, it will make things a lot easier to actually have somewhere to store everything while it still being close to hand.

I can certainly see why pantries were so popular back in the day, I think every house should have one!!

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