Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One year of blogging later.......

This time last year I decided to create a blog to share my cake adventures with anyone who loves cake!

At the time I was lucky to be getting 100 hits a month but a year on and I'm amazed to be easily getting 500 hits per month which is fabulous!

Since giving up work in September 2012 and setting the business up I've done several wedding fayres, attended lots of networking events where I've met some fantastically like-minded people, met plenty of lovely brides and grooms, set up a twitter account (@antoinettecake1) and best of all made LOADS of delicious cake!! Oh and I won my first (hopefully of many) cake decorating awards at Cake International last month!! 

I've also learnt a huge amount not only about cake decorating but about running a business. Even though I do have the odd crisis of confidence now and then, I'm so much more sure of myself and my business than I was when I started and just love being my own boss!

If I don't have the answer, there are so many people out there who are willing to help and even though I work alone, I know I'm never actually alone but have become part of a friendly network of self employed entrepreneurs all working extremely hard to make their business a success, against all odds helping to keep the economy going!

Having worked non-stop since leaving University, it was really scary leaving employment and not having the security of a regular income but I can honestly say that so far (touch wood) I haven't a single regret and can't thank the people enough who have supported me and encouraged me along the way, couldn't have done it without them!

Let Them Eat Cake!

R x

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