Thursday, 19 June 2014

Simply Chocoholic Cake!

Last week we posted a photo of a Birthday cake for a 17 year old who had been told he was too old for birthday cake (does not compute!!))
We created him a simple yet great looking 6" birthday cake which was three layers of sponge and cost £35, this was the start of our Simply Celebration range., freshly baked cakes made from quality ingredients which look great and can be personalised.
This week, we've added an extremely chocolatey creation to the Simply Celebration range, again three layers of sponge sandwiched and covered with buttercream. This design then has Cadbury's Chocolate Flakes all round the edge and is topped with a selection of chocolates including Giant Buttons, M&M's and more flakes.
6" size cakes start at £35.

This birthday cake was made for Ian who wanted to take something with a bit more of a wow factor into his office than the usual supermarket cakes that you usually get, he certainly looks pleased with it!!

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